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Katryn Hasler / 11.58 Live - Installation


Don Li - composition / produktion

Michael Gerber - video

Julia Grossniklaus - piano

Katryn Hasler - violin


Everyday at 11.58 a.m. a live web cam in Zermatt takes a picture of the mountain Matterhorn in Switzerland.11.58 is also the name of the new CD, which will be released in October 2008 in the serie of Tonus-Music-Records.The music composed and produced by Don Li emerges in a new form. Similar to the Matterhorn, which appears every day in another way due to the weather and season, Don Li created 16 different pictures with piano, accordion, violins and electronic sounds around the smooth violin melody played by Katryn Hasler.The result is music of exceptional simplicity and clarity, as a children’s song can have, and of inner calmness, as mountains emanate.



Florine Juvet - accordion

Katryn Hasler - baritone violin

Marcel Zaes - electronics / composition


This is after 'THE LAST PLACE (LEFT)' the second concert program by the trio THE LAST PLACE.


With his trio 'THE LAST PLACE (LEFT)' the Bern-based composer Marcel Zaes creates a fragile sound landscape, which moves familiar things into a surprising light. The deliberate surrender of virtuosity and melody puts the focus entirely on the inner self of the sound and the rhythm that is derived from prime numbers. Subtly handcrafted electronic sounds mix inseparably with the baritone violin and accordion. THE LAST PLACE (LEFT) is at the same time machined poetry and groovy sound carpet.

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